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    Panasonic Home Network System

    Product Brand: Panasonic
    Product Category:
    Product Model: HomeNetworkSystem

    The Panasonic Home Network System is a wireless network of powerful devices that help you monitor, control, and manage your home. Its easy-to-use app allows you to stay in charge even when away from home. Features: * Using DECT Technology, cameras can work up to 300m outdoor. * Up to 50 devices, 4 Cameras, and 6 DECT Phones can be connected to a single hub. Can be expanded. * Home Network app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store. * Package includes: - 1 Hub (Connect every device to a single system, use smart device to monitor & control via the Home Network app) - 1 Motion Sensor (Detect movement to trigger other actions) - 2 Window/Door Sensor (Detect movement to trigger other actions) - 1 DECT Phone 1 Outdoor Camera (with 2-way communications) - 1 Indoor Camera (with 2-way communications, and 5 lullabies for baby) - 1 Smart Plug (Set schedule, trigger lights or other appliances using sensors or control using the Home Network app)
    Download KX-HN6031HM2